Production Diary


Rose is a Rose is a Rose won the “Silver Eddy – Comedy Short” award at the Cedar Rapids (Iowa) Independent Film Festival on April 13th. Director/co-writer Ron King and Star/co-writer Dan Hagen were on hand to receive the award. Very pleased that the film has received some extra recognition from festival judges. RRR will be screening in Los Angels at the Independent Filmmakers Showcase on May 19th at the Regal Cinemas L.A. Live 14. We would love to see you at the screening. Tickets are $16 plus an eventbrite fee. Get your tickets HERE.


So excited to be screening at two festivals in the upcoming weeks. On Saturday, March 30th Rose is a Rose is a Rose will screen at the Garden State Film Festival in Asbury Park, New Jersey. Go here to purchase tickets: Back in 2015 director Ron King’s two hour documentary (co-directed with Darroch Greer) The Millionaires’ Unit – The First U.S. Naval Aviators in World War I received the “Best Feature Length Documentary” award at GSFF. We will also be screening Rose at the Cedar Rapids Independent Film Festival on April 12th and 13th! Tickets can be found here: We look forward to seeing you there!!


As 2018 draws to a close and we get ready to celebrate the New Year, the Rose is a Rose is a Rose team wishes you a happy and healthy holiday season! 2018 was a good year for Rose. We completed the film and began the distribution process. We had our World Premiere at the Alexandria Film Festival in November and the film was well received by the audience. Director and co-writer Ron King along with Co-writer and star Daniel Hagen attended the film festival and fielded questions and answers following the screening. Margaret Wohler, one of the festival directors later commented “Everyone loved it!”. We are looking forward to more screenings in 2019 at festivals and in Los Angeles. We’ll keep you posted as the screenings come together. Happy New Year!


Film Festival Season Begins! On October 2nd we were notified by the Alexandria Film Festival that we are an Official Selection! Looking forward to getting Rose is a Rose is a Rose in front of a festival audience. Now we will finish up the EPK and get some flyers printed up to help publicize the event.

We also received an official Commendation from the Focus International Film Festival!


On Tuesday, August 21 we presented the Cast, Crew and Supporters screening at the Sepulveda Screening Room in Los Angeles. The screening was followed by a reception at the home of Director Ron King and his wife Liz in Culver City. The audience responded very well to the movie with audible laughs and chuckles throughout the screening. Many of the audience members rained kudos upon the cast and crew following the screening and at the reception. By the end of this month we will begin to hear from film festivals and the screening season will begin! Though we are realistic about our chances of being accepted into film festivals, our heart is in the right place and we hope for the best.

Nearly all of the perks have been delivered to our supporters and the digital downloads of the movie will be released once our premiere date/venue has been announced.


We have released the first teaser for Rose is a Rose is a Rose! Check our blog posts for links!


The film is finally complete! We are now in the process of submitting to film festivals for the 2018/19 festival season. We have submitted to 26 festivals so far. We are now working on the EPK (Electronic Press Kit) to be ready for the festivals once we are accepted. We will also prepare hand out cards and posters for the festivals as well. We are also working on completing all of our perk deliveries. In addition we are editing two teasers which will be posted here once they are complete! Our cast and crew screening will take place in late August – early September somewhere in Los Angeles.


The visual effects (VFX) have been finished by Don Butler, the final color has been completed by Peter Swartz and the sound design is underway by Jeffery Alan Jones. Following a preliminary mix session, the creative team has gone back to work on score and sound revisions before a final mix. We are getting very very close now to the final product. After consideration of everyone’s schedule and availability, we now anticipate that the film will be finished by the end of March. Then we will begin the process of submitting the film to festivals and getting the film into the hands of industry pros so they can become familiar with the work. Also perks for our supporters are being gathered and distributed and we are putting together plans for a cast & crew screening and possible party. Whew! We are almost there!


We have 16 more days remaining for our crowdfunding campaign on Seed and Spark please visit us here to make a contribution and follow! The cut is locked and the final work on the film is being completed now!

Sound: Sound Designer and mixer Jeffery Alan Jones has completed an initial pass on the sound design, he is now working on the first set of notes from the Director to prep for the mix.

Score: Award winning composer Craig Safan has delivered a beautiful score for the film. Not only has Craig created all of the score cues, but he has also created three tracks of “source music” specifically for the film. We are very happy with the work Craig has done. You can see him playing the main theme and talking about his inspiration here.

Color: Final color is being worked on by Peter Swartz and his talented team. The Director and Producers will be joining Peter for the first color session within the next week.

Visual Effects: Don Butler, formerly of Industrial Light and Magic (George Lucas’ firm ILM) is creating the few visual effects needed in Australia. We are very excited to be working with Don.

Once our post production team completes their work, the film will be made into a final assembly and output in screenable formats. In the meantime, the producers are making a list of select film festivals to submit the film to once it’s complete. They will also be arranging an Academy qualifying run of the film in Los Angeles this year.


We are closing in on the locked cut! This means that all of the picture elements are in place and that the film will go to the Sound Designer and Composer. In fact we have hired Jeffrey Alan Jones  as our awesome Sound Designer and the award winning composer Craig Safan to write the score for the film. Our final color correction work will be done by the amazing Peter Swartz. Please visit their websites to check out their fantastic bios! As we get into the final phase of post production, we will launch our final crowdfunding campaign on Seed & Spark. We plan to launch by December 1. Stay tuned!


The Directors cut is done! We are holding a test screening in Burbank on Friday, November 3rd at 7:30 in Burbank. If you would like to attend, please email [email protected] to reserve your spot and get additional details. We are also gearing up for our final crowdfunding campaign to help fund post-production. Stay tuned for details!


We’ve hired an editor! Tucker Marolf is the newest member of the team. Tucker just finished editing The Tick for Amazon and is a swell and talented guy. We’ll have an editors cut on September 25th and a directors cut a week later. We are also recruiting the rest of our post-production team including Sound Designer, Colorist and Composer. Stay tuned for an upcoming crowdfunding campaign on Seed & Spark slated for mid October!


All shot footage has been synchronized with sound. The first assembly edit is underway, being done by Director Ron King. The pick-up day and final day of principal photography has been scheduled for Sunday, August 13th. Cast working that day will be Daniel Hagen as Davy, Ben Horwitz as Jake and Alana Dietze as Young Rose. Producers are currently setting up interviews with the post production team.


We are are looking to do our last day of shooting in late July or early August – then on to post production! The footage from the shoot is looking great and we have begun to sync up all the dailies with production sound in prep for post. We are reaching out to post production professionals in the editing, sound design, music, vfx and color correction departments. Our plan is to finish the film in time for Academy qualification this year! We are looking at our budgetary requirements for post to determine if and when to launch a final round of crowdfunding. Stay tuned!


Wrapped up our five day shooting schedule at 2 AM on Sunday, July 2nd, 2017! The shoot was a lot of work but went really well with no major mishaps and a few usual challenges along the way that were overcome by cast and crew alike. The performances were excellent as was the work by the crew. In the Director’s opinion, this cast and crew accomplished a tremendous amount in five days. “We set off alarms, had visits by the police, wrangled missing production elements, got lucky with actors schedules, set up a tent in less than three minutes, got pricked by thorns, remembered our lines, hit our marks and did a lot of focus pulling” so said Director Ron King. “The cast and crew performed brilliantly!”

The production has one pickup day of shooting in July and then the production phase will officially be wrapped.


Tomorrow is the big day! We start shooting the film! From Tuesday through Saturday this week our cast and crew will be working very hard to bring you a memorable, touching and hilarious new comedy! We are all very excited to begin the filming process. In the past week our whole team has come together and we are working in sync to get to the filming start line tomorrow. We have had the final rehearsals with the actors, done makeup and camera tests and selected wardrobe, lined up all of our set dressing and prop vendors, pushed through all the final paperwork and even had a pep talk with the crew! We’re going to be diving in deep for the next five days and we’ll let you know how it goes after Saturday when we wrap up.


Three days remain on the Indiegogo campaign! We have raised over $2,500 toward production expenses, far short of our goal of $20,000. Please contribute if you have not already done so! Thank you in advance.

There has been a great deal of activity as we push toward our first day of principal photography on Tuesday, June 27th. Shot lists and floor plans have been prepared by the director and the director of photography and the first assistant director, a tech scout by the department heads happened where they visited each of the locations to be filmed and notes were taken on specifics. The producers have been hiring crew members including the gaffer, production designer and hair and makeup artists. All of the behind the scenes work of a production are underway including securing insurance, hiring a payroll company, executing contracts with locations, obtaining film permits and all of the other “glamorous” work that goes into filmmaking. Next week is a big preparation week when all of the props will be obtained, production design elements, costumes and make-up elements. There will also be a rehearsal with the actors next Thursday to prepare for the shoot. Everyone is getting excited as the team pulls together!


Indiegogo campaign launches.


First Cast Table Read


Our crowdfunding campaign on Seed and Spark finished today with a WIN! We raised $12,810 and added 512 Followers to the team. This is an excellent start to complete the budget for the film and we are deeply grateful.

CASTING update: Final casting for the remaining roles is just about finished. We will have an announcement soon!


With four days remaining we have raised $10,860 of our $12,000 goal. We have 330 Followers and are shooting for 500 by the end of the campaign. Join us here

CASTING – Producers are casting today and tomorrow for Mrs. Kruchenko, Elder Rose, Young Rose and Trish the Bartender. Looking forward to meeting a lot of new talent!


As crowdfunding campaign nears the end of it’s first week, we have raised $2,775.00 toward our pre-production goal of $12,000. We have 117 followers and 17 contributors. Our video on Seed and Spark has been viewed 188 times.

CASTING! We are about to start casting the remaining roles to be filled in the movie. The producers will be posting casting calls for professional SAG-AFTRA actors this coming week on industry websites.

PRODUCTION DESIGN! The director and producers are focusing on production design in the next week and will hire a Production Designer soon.

CHAT WITH RON & DAN! Director Ron King and star Daniel Hagen sat down to have a chat about the movie. The results will be posted here and on social media in the coming days.


Crowdfunding campaign launched on Seed and Spark today. Join Us!


The producers and Director met with the new Social Media Director and Catapult Engineer and are prepping for the big crowdfunding launch on SeedandSpark on Monday, March 27th at 8 AM Pacific, 11 AM Eastern.