Rose is a Rose is a Rose Synopsis

David Ludd, an old-fashioned outdoor expert is being dragged into the world of new technology and social media by his hipster co-worker Jake when searching for his long lost high school sweetheart Rose Jensen.

This meandering odyssey forces him onto a path of both looking back and letting go. Never having used a computer before, Davy mistakenly meets with the wrong people before finally locating Rose, his Rose. As they meet, he understands that times have changed, and so should he.

Freed from the search, he connects with someone new by chance. Will it lead him to a new beginning?

About The Film

Technology plays an undeniable role in today’s world. Making connections through social media and the Internet is a given. However, for a shrinking minority, technology does not come naturally and some are technologically averse by nature. What if a near Luddite was compelled to engage with the online world to find a human connection? That was the basic premise to be explored. As the project developed, other themes emerged such as loss, loneliness and the desire for intimacy and love.

In 2015 director Ron King was unwinding from a seven year journey of co-directing and producing a feature length documentary about World War One naval aviation. He wanted to create a project where he could find his own voice as a writer and director. To that end, he enrolled in a short film class at UCLA and drafted what was to become Rose is a Rose is a Rose, however, the initial draft was shorter, had a different title and even different characters. What would not change was that the title character, Davy, had always been written with Ron’s good friend Daniel Hagen in mind. Ron made no mention of the script to Dan until the class was finished and the draft had gone through several revisions. Upon reading the script, Dan said he was interested IF he could take a shot at working on a re-write with Ron. The two collaborated on a new draft and Rose is a Rose is a Rose was born.

When Ron and producer Arndt Werling first met (through an online connection by the way), they immediately decided that the film should be crowdfunded. Why go this difficult and challenging route? As all filmmakers know, ANY route to funding a film has its challenges. The idea is that crowdfunding not only gets people to contribute and join the team, but that an audience is grown from the beginning even as the film builds it’s way to production and distribution.

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